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Welcome To Next Generation Computer Repair Network Inc.

Geek Speak is not spoken here. Just good plain American English. We talk with you to inform you, not impress you. Complex technical issues are broken down to make them easily understood so that you can make an informed decision.

NGCR has worked to stay on the cutting edge to bring you the latest technology and skills to keep your business running with the least possible interruption from computer and network issues.

We can not only maintain your network and make it an efficient part of your business, but we do at a reasonable monthly cost that makes maintenance a predictable expense. You are not constantly trying to decide whether to get a computer repaired, replaced or just left as it is. You get to do what you got into business for in the first place. manage your business and make money. Leave the network and computer worries to us. That's our business.

Global Internet threat activity
July 22, 2017

Medium threat activity

Increased attack rate of infections detected within the last 24 hours.

Latest infections:

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